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Nick Waterhouse: Nick Waterhouse

  March 11, 2019

The Southern California rocker cobbles together a pastiche of 1950s rockabilly, 1960s pop, and old-school soul. At its best, it’s a shot of pure joy, but it never quite transcends its inspirations.

Stella Donnelly: Beware Of The Dogs

  March 11, 2019

The Australian singer-songwriter’s debut album brings her captivating voice and keen eye to songs that demolish expectations. Fierce, funny, and unsettling, her music is empathetic to the core.

Chai: Punk

  March 15, 2019

The Japanese quartet devote their second album to enthusiastic, maximalist pop with a bluntly feminist message.

Matmos: Plastic Anniversary

  March 19, 2019

Recorded using only plastic material, the concept of the latest Matmos album is undergirded by the compositional integrity, the quality of the sound, and the sickeningly beautiful idea of it all.

M83: Knife + Heart (original Soundtrack)

  March 14, 2019

On his third outing composing music for film, Anthony Gonzalez breaks from his own soundtracking habits with a welcome sense of playfulness.

Vijay Iyer And Craig Taborn: The Transitory Poems

  March 14, 2019

Two celebrated jazz pianists bring contrasting, complementary approaches to a set of improvised pieces that pay tribute to Cecil Taylor, Geri Allen, and other titans of the instrument.

Meitei: Komachi

  March 19, 2019

Blending modern techniques with deep reverence for history, producer Meitei sets out to recapture a “lost Japanese mood.”

Max D: Many Any

  March 16, 2019

The D.C. dance-music vet and Future Times honcho drops a freeform set of free-spirited club tracks that show off his keen beatmaking abilities.

Jonny Nash: Make A Wilderness

  March 19, 2019

Jonny Nash draws on the otherworldly sounds of the Baschet brothers’ experimental instruments to sculpt a gently haphazard ambient mirage.


  March 19, 2019

The UK producer’s debut album fashions a distinctive aesthetic out of asymmetrical machine beats and dabs of electronic melody, balancing academic concerns with rave-tested thrills.